Type1Screen publication

Announcing a new publication from the Type1Screen Team! “Feasibility and Validity of In-Home Self-Collected Capillary Blood Spot Screening for Type 1 Diabetes Risk”

Exciting news for early type 1 diabetes detection!

Who knew that five drops of blood could revolutionize early detection of type 1 diabetes!?

In our study of 97 participants, self-collected blood spots proved convenient, less painful, and just as effective as traditional blood draws.

We found these blood spots accurately detected antibodies linked to type 1 diabetes, paving the way for simpler, more accessible and cost effective screening.

This breakthrough could mean earlier detection, better preparation, and improved health outcomes for those at risk.

Spread the word to those who have any family history of type 1 diabetes! Screening for type 1 diabetes risk has never been more accessible or easy.

Click this link to read the full published paper

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