How to do a blood test

How do I do a Type1Screen blood test?

There are two options for participating in a Type1Screen screening test:

  1. A pathology request form can be sent to your home. You can take this to a local pathology collection centre convenient to you (near your home or work). The person who specialises in taking blood will collect the sample using a fine needle in the arm. The blood sample will be sent directly to our team in Melbourne to analyse.
  2. We can send you a “do it yourself” kit. This involves a finger prick and patiently waiting for the blood drops to fall onto each circle on the card. Make sure you don’t actually touch the card with your finger, and that you fill each circle with a good drop of blood. We provide you with an envelope for you to post this back to us.

For more instructions on how to do this test at home, click on this link to find our easy five-step “how to” procedure.

You may also like to watch this video of Dr John showing you how to do your own finger prick bloodspot test.

Good luck and let us know how you get on. Even better, send us a photo which we can share on our social media pages or you can post online yourself using our handle @type1screen #type1screen.