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Who are we?

Type1Screen involves a network of doctors, nurses, researchers and scientists, across Australia and New Zealand. They are all working very hard to find a way to turn type one into type none.

The lead doctors for Type1Screen are Peter Colman and John Wentworth (pictured above), who work at The Royal Melbourne Hospital. Our Project Management Team are based in Melbourne, but people can access Type1Screen across Australia and New Zealand.

What is Type1Screen?

Type1Screen is a not for profit organisation.

The program offers antibody testing to children and young adults to determine if they are at risk of developing type 1 diabetes.

People who are found to test positive are monitored closely and, if they develop type 1 diabetes, will be started on insulin early to avoid serious illness.

Type1Screen also offers opportunities to participate in clinical trials and other research that aims to prevent type 1 diabetes.

Why screen for T1D?

Molly had a blood test because a member of her family has type 1 diabetes

A blood test for antibodies clarifies whether you, or your child, are at risk of developing type 1 diabetes.

A negative test provides reassurance that the risk of diabetes is low. Two or more positive tests signal a need to look out for symptoms of diabetes so that we can help you start insulin treatment before serious illness develops.

People with antibodies may be eligible to participate in clinical trials that aim to prevent or delay the development of type 1 diabetes.

By joining the Type1Screen community, you will have access to current, authoritative information about type 1 diabetes treatment and prevention. Your involvement will make an important contribution to our quest for a cure.

I’ve just had my 4 year old son tested. If he does test positive for antibodies I like the idea of:

-having him involved in clinical trials that might prevent him going on to develop diabetes or prolonging the time frame before diagnosis.

-having early warning so we can do lots of education around finger prick testing, pumps, food choices and carbs, hypos etc so it’s not such a lot to learn if he does then develop diabetes.

-giving me peace of mind for a few years if he doesn’t have antibodies yet (eg not panic he has diabetes if he randomly wets the bed, has a day where he drinks more than usual etc!!

Participating Mum, Type1Screen, June 2020

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